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The story of one of the smartest women in California after her suffering a stroke


Debra MeyersonDebra Meyerson - Debra Meyerson (61) is a professor at Stanford University and is one of the smartest women in the state of California. But at the age of 53, something unexpected happened to her. Quoted from the New York Post, Debra suffered a severe tingling in her right leg while on vacation, and the long journey made her head hurt.

After the few days passed, she realized that her body movements were slowing down than before. Soon after, her right side of the body was almost paralyzed totally, she could not even move her arms at all. After that, she realized that she has a stroke and shared her experience to a memoir, 'Identity Theft: Rediscovering Ourselves After Stroke'.

For her who is an academic, being unable to speak is no better than life in a cell. But when the therapist meets her, the therapist says that Debra can sing a song's melody but can't speak. This is because strokes affect the left side of Debra’s brain, which part of brain that controlling speech.

She also underwent intensive physical therapy and speech and rehabilitation. Debra was completely mute for three weeks after having a stroke. "It (stroke) eliminates my ability to work as I did before" she wrote.


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