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Story of mother who almost went bankrupt and had overdosed due to her sleep disorders


Kelly Snipes Kelly Snipes - The mother of three children, Kelly Snipes (37), initially did not know how she often spent money on online shopping to the point she almost went bankrupt. This woman from Essex, England, has been known to have a habit of sleep walking since she was little, and Snipes told how she often spent her savings when she was asleep, the worst one and what almost make her bankrupt is when she bought a basketball court. As she ages, Kelly's habits worsened but at that time the doctor called it only as a symptom of stress and fatigue.

"When I was 20 weeks pregnant, I once had an overdose" Kelly recalled as quoted by Fox News, on Thursday, May 16th 2019. "Because I have diabetes, I have to take medication regularly and that time I was overdosed on metformin. I dreamed I was talking to a doctor who didn't want to prescribe my medicine anymore. But when I woke up, it turned out I had taken all of my medicines" Kelly continued.

Concerned that her condition had worsened to the point of endangering her life, Kelly repeatedly sought after medical help, which then doctor diagnosed her with two conditions. The first condition is sleep apnea where the patient can stop sudden breathing in sleep and the second condition is parasomnia.

According to the National Sleep Foundation parasomnia is an abnormal thing that a person can do in a state of sleep. "The frequency of these parasomnias occurs in families so there may be genetic factors involved. Parasomnias can also be triggered by other sleep disorders such as sleep apnea and certain medications" wrote Carlos H. Schenckfrom the Minnesota Regional Sleep Disorders Center.


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