Sunday, 22 Sep 2019

A transgender in Brazil underwent the first surgery in the world to create a vagina from fish skin


The transgender MajuThe transgender Maju - A transgender woman in Brazil underwent vaginal reconstruction surgery from tilapia fish skin. This operation was carried out for the first time in the world on transgender. Quoted from Mirror, the 35-year-old named Maju had undergone sex reassignment surgery in 1999 but ended up with a fail. "Ten years ago I had vaginal stenosis. But that ended up with a failure " she said.

Feeling uncomfortable constantly due to that and preventing her sexual intercourse for over 12 years. She returned to her mother's home in Sao Paulo. But then Maju knows about the procedure performed by a gynecology professor, Prof. Leonardo Bezerra from the Federal University of Ceara (UFC) in Fortaleza. The procedure is unprecedented in creating a new vagina for women affected by vaginal agenesis.

Maju also undergo a procedure called neovaginoplasty. The reconstruction process involves two tube-shaped prints of tilapia skin to make a new vagina. The first mold was placed with a membrane and inserted into the vagina for six days. The tipalia skin used because its rich in typhoid 1 collagen, which is a substance that increases healing and firmness and elasticity that is strong enough like human skin.

The tilapia membrane is affixed and re-lubricates the vaginal canal wall. The membrane will turn into cellular tissue similar with the actual vagina. The second mold is made of silicon and is shaped like a large tampon designed to be inside the vagina for up to six months to prevent the vaginal wall from closing.


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