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Five benefits of coffee for the skin we bet you didn't know


IllustrationIllustration -  The world uses a cup of coffee every single morning to wake up. Coffee has helped so many of us pulling an all-nighter stay up. Coffee has undeniably become the friend that's always there to help you out. 

But did you know about the are amazing benefits of coffee for skin? 

Using coffee along with some of the products available right in the kitchen can protect your skin against sunburn, acne and even ageing.

Here are the five benefits of coffee for the skin we bet you didn't know:

1. Reduce your dark circles by using coffee
Coffee has anti-inflammatory properties which aid in reducing puffiness under the eyes. 

Coffee also reduces the accumulation of blood under your eyes which contribute to dark circles. 

How to use it ?

You must use it in the best possible way, mix one teaspoon of coffee powder with a quarter teaspoon of coconut oil. Put it under your eyes for 15 minutes everyday and you’ll see results within days.

2. Scrubs for the skin
Coffee is also one of the best scrubs for the skin. This is possible given that coffee has skin-tightening properties along with a coarse texture. 

How to use it ?

Add some sugar and olive oil to coffee. Use this as a face scrub to remove impurities from the skin so it can breathe and stay healthy.

3. Caffeine helps with blood flow which adds a glow to the skin
Use coffee and some milk to make a thick paste. Use this as a face mask and keep it till it dries. Wash with lukewarm water. Using this mask once a week will leave you with glowing skin.

4. To prevent a acne problem
Coffee has antibacterial properties which could help fix that. Now, skin with acne is extremely sensitive and it is highly advisable that you avoid adding other substances like oils or powders to coffee when washing your face with it. However, rubbing your face with coffee and washing it off on a daily basis will help you reduce acne on your skin.

5. Coffee can also help you fight the harmful effects of sun
And this is the reason why it should become a part of your after-sun skincare routine. If you’ve got a painful sunburn, your skin might appreciate this trick: brew coffee and then let it cool. Dip a towel into it and remove the excess liquid. Then apply the towel to the affected areas until you see the swelling subside.






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