Saturday, 21 Sep 2019

For the first time in US, the state of Washington legalizes 'recomposition', a compost made from human body


IllustrationIllustration - The state of Washington, United States, for the first time on Tuesday, May 21st 2019 legalized the business of making compost from human bodies, or also called recomposition. Thanks to the new rules people have the choice to turn their bodies into compost after they die if they want to.

The effort to convert the body into compost is seen as a more environmentally friendly alternative compared to the method of cremation and burial. When the composting process is finished the relatives will be given land that can be used to plant flowers, vegetables, or trees.

"Recomposition offers an alternative besides burrying the body or cremation because it is natural, safe, sustainable, and will save carbon emissions and land" said Katrina Spade, one of the founders of a recomposition business who lobbied the rules, as quoted by the BBC on Wednesday, May 22nd 2019.

Katrina explained the recomposition process will be carried out by placing the body in a hexagonal iron container containing alfalfa plants, wood chips and straw. The container is then closed and naturally the body will rot after 30 days producing compost equivalent to two wheelbarrows.

This recomposition process is also has been legalized in Sweden. This eco-friendly funeral started to be talked a lot when Hollywood actor Luke Perry planned to bury himself with special mushroom clothes to help the recomposition process.


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