Saturday, 21 Sep 2019

Try to broke the conventional fashion, Kiddy Smile wearing floral motif dress


Kiddy SmileKiddy Smile -  While attending the Cannes Film Festival, a men must wear a tuxedo suit with a bow tie. And also, a women are required to wear evening dresses with high heels. 

But Kiddy Smile, a Parisian DJ, tried to break the rule with eccentric clothes. Instead to wore a tuxedo suit, he strolled on the red carpet wrapped in an orange-pink floral motif dress.

Also eccentric in style, Kiddy Smile wears gold necklaces and cross-shaped earrings as a complement to fashion. He put on the display to attend the premiere of the film 'Dolor y Gloria' on Friday, May 24 2019 then. Dressed not according to the dress code, Kiddy Smile could barely enter the theater area to watch the film.

He told that an officer asked if the dress he was wearing was traditional African clothing. Kiddy Smile also explained that the dress was not a traditional dress. As a result, the officer forbade him from entering the red carpet.

Luckily, a supervisor arrived and finally allowed Kiddy Smile to entering the event.

The DJ who spawned the three albums revealed the reason for using the dress at the Cannes Film Festival. Not just existence and attract attention, but as self-identity. 

After trying to break the rules and succeed, Kiddy Smile claimed to be proud and happy. 

"I am very happy to be able to do this, and be myself, and wear something like myself, representing my personality," he concluded.







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