Saturday, 21 Sep 2019

Very unique, this cheese was made from celebrity’s skin


Photo : InternetPhoto : Internet - According to archaeologists, at least people have carried out the fermentation process for more than 9,200 years ago.  But not everyone was believed about this. Because the fermentation process requires bacteria, will cause a sharp aroma.

As information, a few years back the discovery of food that combined several ingredients, was indeed loved by many people. So it held a food exhibition that called "Food: Bigger than the Plate", which featured toilets made from cow dung, and also human cheese.

As reported from Munchies on May 21 2019, the strange food exhibition was held at London's Victoria & Albert Museum (V & A's), England from May to mid-October. 

In that exhibition, we can see cheese that made from human skin bacteria. As we know, usually a cheese is made using bacteria that thickens in milk. But in this product, cheese is made from celebrities sweat, and the bacteria was taken to be developed into cheese. 

Celebrities that participating for the exhibition are rapper Alex James and Chef Heston Blumenthal.






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