Sunday, 22 Sep 2019

Disgusting, parents forced their autistic children to drink bleach as they believe it will improve the condition of their child


IllustrationIllustration - Investigations are being carried out by Melissa Eaton from Salisbury, North Carolina and Amanda Seigler from Lake Worth, Florida who both have children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). Both investigated by entering into a number of Facebook-based groups, who were convinced that ASD could be treated with clothes bleach.

"Having children with ASD is a difficult situation for parents, but giving them bleach to consume is clearly torturing children. We can act very bitterly and let that happen. But we are not such people. This group is in fact like a sect" Eaton said NBC was quoted from the Daily Mail.

Both of them made fake accounts on Facebook and entered each group that believes in the benefits of chlorine dioxide to cure ASD. Every upload related to ASD and bleach clothing is photographed and sent to child protection agencies. In the past 3 years, Eaton and Seigler have reported about 100 cases to the authorities.

According to Eaton and Seigler, their findings are very scary because children generally refuse to be given a clearly dangerous intake. But parents insisted because they believe the bleach can improve their child's condition. A mother from Kansas said her child made a sound like gasping after drinking bleach.

Until now there has been no explanation or response from the protection agency about this case. The idea of using bleach to deal with ASD came from Jim Humble, a former follower of Scientologist. This idea then was popularized by a housing agent from Chichago Kerri Rivera who claimed to have healed 500 children with this method.


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