Friday, 22 Nov 2019

The most terrifying laptop in the world which contains 6 most deadliest virus is auctioned with the price of USD 1,2 million


IllustrationIllustration - Remember the auction of the Samsung NC10-14GB laptop created by contemporary artist Guo O Dong? The price of a laptop containing the six most horrifying viruses in history continues to rise. Based on a live streaming laptop auction called 'The Persistence of Chaos', the offer value for the laptop has now touched the range of USD 1.2 million ahead of the closing time for the duration of the auction.

Even if you look at the middle of this month, the laptop which is the result of collaboration with cyber Deep Instinct security company is still worth USD 403 thousand. As reported earlier, artist Guo O Dong claimed to make this laptop because he wanted to see how the world responded and how they appreciated the impact of malware. The six deadly malware include ILOVEYOU, MyDoom, SoBig, WannaCry, and DarkTequila.

The six viruses in its history have caused total losses worldwide which reached USD 95 billion. "These viruses can affect the electricity network or public infrastructure which causes direct damage to the facility it’s affected" Dong was quoted as saying by Ubergizmo, on Monday, May 27th 2019.

For enthusiasts, Dong does not sell it based on value. Reluctant to blame for selling this dangerous laptop, he also wrote down a number of conditions that must be met by bidders. The requirement is that this laptop is purchased for artistic or academic reasons and the buyer must promise not to spread malware in it.


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