Friday, 22 Nov 2019

TikTok parent company reported will produce its own smartphone


IllustrationIllustration - Beijing ByteDance Technology Co Ltd's startup company that made the aplication TikTok, reportedly will produce its own smart phone. The smartphone will contain applications made by ByteDance such as the Jinritoutiao news portal and streaming music services of the company. CEO ByteDance, Zhang Yiming said that he has long been 'dreaming' of making his own smart phone which full of ByteDance applications.

In addition, the Beijing-based company also confirmed that it has made an agreement with one of the telecommunications companies in China, Smartisan, earlier this year. In the agreement, ByteDance agreed to acquire a patent portfolio and employ several Smartisan employees, the report was first published by the Financial Times, as reported by The Verge.

However, ByteDance is predicted to experience a number of difficulties to distribute mobile devices, given the ongoing dispute between the US government and Huawei. Not only that, reported by Tech Crunch, the US Federal Trade Commission fined TikTok for being proven to violate the law on protecting privacy for children.

In the United States, the Federal Trade Commission fined TikTok for violating children's privacy laws. In addition, the Indian government has also banned the application of TikTok to circulate in its country which is considered to promote 'cultural degradation'.


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