Friday, 22 Nov 2019

Researchers in NASA have found the proof of the existence of the ocean of water in Pluto


PlutoPluto - Researchers have just detected the presence of ammonia on the surface of Pluto. This discovery can reveal the mystery that has been stored on the dwarf planet. Reported from Science Alert, on Friday, May 31st 2019, the surface of the ice on Pluto which has ammonia content indicates the existence of oceans hiding below the surface.

This ocean is rich in salt and other materials that can sustain life. "This is a big surprise for all of us. This means there are many surprises waiting to be discovered in this planet" said Planetary Scientist from NASA Ames Research Center, Dale Cruikshank.

This data comes from the New Horizons spacecraft that has been arrived in Pluto in 2015. The researchers focused their research on the surface known as Virgil Fossa, the area around a large gap.

Researchers chose to focus on the area because the results of previous studies said the gap arose because of volcanic activity. In addition, its brownish red surface color is also thought to originate from the presence of ammonia on the planet's surface.

In addition, these findings also indicate the existence of icebergs that are similar to volcanoes on Earth. If the volcano on Earth spewed lava, then this iceberg spewed water and ammonia hidden underground to the surface. This iceberg or known as cryovolcanic is thought to be a way to distribute ammonia to the corners of Pluto's surface.


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