Sunday, 22 Sep 2019

4 years old boy nearly died after infected with hundreds of worms


IllustrationIllustration - A 4-year-old boy almost died from being infected with hundreds of worms. The medical team led by Dr.Valirie Ndip Agbor managed to carry out an operation that saved the life of the boy. Quoted from the Daily Mail, the worm that infects the boy is a type of Ascaris sp which is commonly called as a roundworm. The worm was still alive when it was taken out of the stomach of the boy whose name was not revealed to the public.

"This patient turned out to have never been given drugs or therapies to overcome the problem. This is what ultimately caused infection and ultimately damaged the intestines and digestion system of patient. And this emphasizes the importance of worm-free therapy" said Dr.Agbor.

This event was reported in Menchum Division, Cameroon, located in West Africa. The boy had often vomited, bloated stomach, and continued to feel sick. He also could not defecate for 6 months before being handled by the doctor.

The city where the boy lives is poor, remote, and lacks access to clean water. With its hilly area and difficult to drive with vehicles, health workers and local residents find it difficult to access various assistance.

This case was previously reported in the Journal of Medical Case Reports. Dr. Agbor said that local residents need to get regular treatment of worm-free once or twice a year. Residents also need knowledge to separate farms and private homes.


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