Sunday, 22 Sep 2019

Again, Neymar made a sensation by arriving to stadium using a helicopter


IllustrationIllustration - At the end of May, Neymar became a sensation when he joined his Brazilian national team colleagues to prepare before the Copa America. The Paris Saint Germain player came to the training ground not by a car, as was commonly done by his top colleagues and other footballers.

Neymar joined the Brazilian national team training center with helicopter. The 27-year-old footballer took a private helicopter. Fully dark, in the helicopter there is the NJR initials in the tail. With a length of 13.64 meters and a height of 3.95 meters, the helicopter is produced by Mercedes Benz. Price? Quoted from Marca, Neymar bought it with a price of EUR 13 million.

In addition to the dark colours, Neymar decorates the helicopter with the Batman logo on the passenger seat. Neymar is known to like the character of the super hero of Gotham City. The helicopter is not the only private air vehicle owned by Neymar. The 27-year-old footballer also has two private jets, the Phenom 100 jet and Cessna Citation 680.


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