Sunday, 22 Sep 2019

Is it true that the x-ray machine in airport is dangerous for our health?, this is what an expert said


IllustrationIllustration - X-Ray machine is commonly used at airports to check the luggage and body of a prospective passenger by emitting radiation. Related to this, there may be some of us who are worried that X-ray machine can have a negative impact on our health.

Usually worries arise because of reports related to the use of X-Ray for medical purposes. The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) indeed had mentioned that the use of X-ray machines for medical purpose must be careful because there is a risk of getting cancer even though the possibility is small.

Medical emergency expert Dr. Lewis Nelson from New Jersey Medical School answered that people did not need to worry about X-ray machine at the airport. The reason is because the radiation dose emitted by the device is so small that it cannot cause negative effects. "The radiation is so small that it can be ignored" said Dr. Lewis, as quoted from Live Science, on Tuesday, June 11th 2019.

Nelson said there are still many things in our life that can emit higher radiation than X-ray machines at airports. Starting from granite tables, fruits, and even the air we breathe can expose us to radiation.

Even the flying in plane itself can make someone vulnerable of exposing to radiation than passing an airport X-Ray machine. According to Nelson, one minute on an airplane can make us exposed to the same radiation as one time passing through an X-ray machine. "So, it's actually ironic that people are afraid of radiation exposure in X-ray machine in airport but they dont worry about boarding a plane" Nelson concluded.


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