Sunday, 22 Sep 2019

This housekeeper in Shanghai did an extreme thing by hiding watch she stole inside her vagina


IllustrationIllustration - This housekeeper in Shanghai has an extreme way to hide things she stole. Quoted from World of Buzz, she inserted a stolen watch into her own vagina. The employer where the female housekeeper worked had actually been suspicious of the actions of her employee.

But the housekeeper refused all of the accusation accused to her, which then forced the employer to involve police in the case. The police then interrogated the housekeeper who was not named. During interrogation, the housekeeper's sitting position made the police suspected her.

To prove the truth, the police conducted an X-ray examination on the housekeeper. The result, there is an object hid in her lower abdomen. After being proven hiding a stolen watch in her vagina, the maid was given to the medical team to remove the object from her body. The police then detained the maid for allegedly committing a crime.


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