Friday, 22 Nov 2019

Drink bubble tea excessively can cause early aging, study found


IllustrationIllustration - Nutritionist and Chair of the Indonesia Sport Nutritionist Association (ISNA), Dr. Rita Ramayulis, DCN, MKes said that the sugar content in bubble tea causes damage to collagen, a protein produced naturally by the body to maintain skin structure and elasticity.

"Sugar can trigger premature aging. Sugar in the body is glucose which can bind to protein and too much sugar makes collagen damaged" she said on Friday, June 14th 2019. "While our body's structure is essentially collagen, such as bone, skin, muscle. If a lot of collagen is damaged, it means that our body parts can also be damaged. It can cause premature aging.”

Rita said that in one glass of bubble tea measuring 330 cc contained approximately 50 grams of sugar. Most sugar consumption can also trigger increased blood sugar levels which lead to diabetes. "Don't think that sugar is sweet, so it can produce high energy. But also think about immunity that decreases because of sugar" said Rita.


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