Thursday, 14 Nov 2019

The final reason of the missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370: the pilot depressed, locked co-pilot out of cockpit, and killed all of the passengers before crashing the plane into the sea


IllustrationIllustration - One of Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 had been reported missing. It was likely that the pilot, Captain Zaharie Ahmad Shah, was guilty of locking the co-pilot out of the cockpit and deliberately causing the plane to into the sea.

The theory was told by the pilot’s friend and fellow pilot. He said that if it was true, then Shah had done a great “atrocity” and it could be a “necessary conclusion” to one of the world’s greatest aviation mysteries.

During the years since the Malaysia Airlines plane was missing, some theories surfaced that Sha intentionally crashed the plane along with the crew and passengers into the sea in a planned murder-suicide mission. There is a suspicion that Shah might have been clinically depressed at the time.

The theory is that Shah told his co-pilot, Fariq Hamid, to go out of the cockpit and locked him out. Then, he depressurized the passenger’s cabin to kill everyone on board hours before the crash. Before he did that, he had put on oxygen mask in the cockpit so he could continue flying the plane for hours. At the same time the cabin was depressurized, the electrical system was intentionally turned off, making the plane impossible to track by satellite.

Shah’s lifelong friend said that he reluctantly had to agree that given all of the evidences, that that is the only conclusion to what happened. He did not know for sure why Shah would do such atrocity but it might be because of his mental state.


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