Thursday, 14 Nov 2019

This gaming addict tried to poison his own parents after they unplug wi-fi


Sak DuanjanSak Duanjan - A 29-year-old gaming addict named Sak Duanjan, tried to poison his own parents after they forced him to stop playing games by unplugging the internet router.

Sak came home drunk that day and started playing game on his smartphone. The volume was turned up while his parents were trying to sleep. His stepfather, Chakri Khamruang, then woke up and unplugged the wi-fi box in order to stop Sak from playing and disturbing the people at the house.

But Sak reacted aggressively. He went on a rampage, cursing his stepfather and smashing the walls. Chakri had no choice but to hit him to try to calm him down.

Their fight seemed to have ended when Sak went to bed. But the next day, his mother, Suban Duanjan, discovered insoluble pesticides in their family well when she went to take some water to cook rice. She was really shocked that her own son had tried to kill her and her husband.

“I saw my son when downstairs and putting something on the jar around 2 a.m. I asked him what he was doing but he didn’t answer and returned to his room. So, I let it go and went back to bed. I still didn’t believe that he could do this. I know that he gets angry very easily. We tried our best to deal with his anger but this time it has become too much,” she said.

The parents called authorities for help. Sak later admitted that he tried to poison his parents because he was still angry for not being permitted to play his smartphone game.


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