Thursday, 14 Nov 2019

5-year-old boy from Britain drowned in a pool during a family holiday


Theo Treharne-JonesTheo Treharne-Jones - A 5-year-old British boy named Theo Treharne-Jones drowned in a pool while on a family holiday on the Greek Island of Kos. It is believed that the boy have fallen into the pool on Saturday morning after wandering off alone while his parents, Nina Treharne and Richard Jones, were asleep.

A family friend, Beverley Herbert, said that Nina, Richard, and their family had gone on a holiday in a group of ten after the death of Nina’s mother Patricia Winston. Their neighbors said that Theo was such a “lovely” young boy, and that his death was very heartbreaking, especially considering his grandmother had died just weeks before this incident.

The group who went on family vacation consisted of Nina and her family, along with Nina’s sister Sara, and her family. The two sisters wanted to take a break after the death of their mother.

“Nina and her sister Sara were devastated when [Patricia] died and they said they all needed a holiday to cheer them up. They wanted to spend time together as a family and remember Pat. So the two sisters, their partners and their children all went to Greece for a break. Losing your child in any circumstances is every parent’s worst nightmare but to lose a child like this is absolutely heartbreaking. I can’t imagine what poor Nina must be going through. She’s must be going through hell all over again. They’d all been so excited about the holiday,” Herbert said.


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