Friday, 22 Nov 2019

Nageiredo temple, Japan’s most dangerous national treasure which located in Tottori prefecture


Nageiredo templeNageiredo temple - Tottori Prefecture is Japan’s least populous prefecture. For the most part, it is fairly unpopular in Japanese tourism industry.

However, there is an interesting place in Tottori that is not like any other. There, you will find Mount Mitoku and perched high on the cliff face of the 900 meter mountain, is Nageiredo temple, Japan’s most dangerous national treasure.

Nageiredo temple is an isolated Buddhist sanctuary. It gives visitors authentic religious feelings. It even includes a test of endurance to get there. It is a kind of experience that is hard to get in this modern age.

To be able to enter the temple, you have to go through Mount Mitoku’s trail. The trail has no manmade things like stairwells or paths. You have to climb while using the natural things around you. You will also go through a rock tunnel called “the womb”, which is linked to purification ritual and spiritual cleansing.

What makes Nageiredo temple unique is its placement. It is balanced on the edge of an inaccessible precipice.


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