Thursday, 14 Nov 2019

Jon Hamm said that he wants to play in Star Wars movie franchise


Jon HammJon Hamm - American actor Jon Hamm said he would love to play one of the characters from Star Wars franchise. He did voice Boba Fett for an audiobook, but that apparently is not enough for him.

During an interview on the set of his upcoming TV series, Good Omens, Hamm and his co-star, Nick Offerman talked about what roles they have wanted over the years. While Offerman talked about his chance to play in The Lord of the Rings franchise only to lose the part to someone else, Hamm brought up Star Wars.

“My version of that is the Star Wars stuff. There’ve been more Star Wars things with more people in them. Where’s my phone call? I’ve been a nerf-herfer. I get the lingo,” Hamm said.

Hamm was most likely kidding, but he would really love to play in Star Wars movie franchise. Unfortunately so far, the opportunity has not presented itself to him.


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