Friday, 22 Nov 2019

The new Joker movie gets rated-R


IllustrationIllustration - Todd Philips, the director of the new Joker movie titled Joker, has confirmed that this new film will be rated R. The film stars Joaquin Phoenix as the main character and it will take the character into a new direction.

In the recently released trailer, the movie looks to be pretty dark. Before the confirmation from Philips, some people had predicted that this film will be rated as Restricted.

According to Brian Tyree Henry, who appeared in Joker, the film is purely Joker’s origin story and has nothing to do with Batman. Instead, it focuses on Phoenix’s villain character.

“Villains are never born that way, they’re made. There’s something that happens in their lives that they give up their faith in humanity; they see the flaws of humanity and mankind and feel like they must correct it. And what happens with Joker is you start to see how he really was a happy person. He really was trying to find this hope in humanity until it broke him down and he just had to give up and reshape it,” Henry said, as cited from MovieWeb.


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