Thursday, 14 Nov 2019

Java is getting colder due to Australian cold monsoon that occurred from June to September


IllustrationIllustration - In the last few days, the air on Java Island feels colder than usual. This is due to the occurrence of the Australian Cold Monsoon which lasts from June to September. The continent of Australia is currently in the winter period. Air pressure in the Australian region is quite high, forming anticyclones in the area as well as cold and dry air masses.

Meanwhile, in the Asian region it experiences summer and there are low pressure areas so that cyclones are formed. "The pattern of air pressure is relatively high in Australia and low in Asia, causing the movement of air masses from Australia by bringing these cold and dry air masses to Asia through Indonesia which is known as the Cold Monsoon of Australia" explained Head of BMKG Cilacap, Taruna Mona Rachman, on Wednesday, June 19th 2019 morning.

Not only in the region of Java, the cold air mass is increasing significantly, which has implications for the decrease in air temperature at night and early morning which also hit Bali, NTB, and NTT. Especially for the Java region, in general cloud cover is relatively small and the heat reflection from the earth received from sunlight is not held by clouds, but is immediately wasted and lost into space.

"This also causes the dry season temperature to be cooler than the rainy season. Besides, in the dry season the water content in the soil is also thinning, the moisture content in the air is also low, the indicator can be seen from the low humidity" he continued.


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