Thursday, 14 Nov 2019

Croiffle, a hybrid of croissant and waffle that becomes viral on social media`


CroiffleCroiffle - These days, people make many food innovations and creating new kinds of food trends. One of the trends is combining two delicious foods into one unique hybrid food.

Before this, there were talks about the cronut, a donut and croissant hybrid that is invented by Dominique Ansel, a pastry Chef in New York City, US. It is made from croissant dough and shaped like a donut.

Recently, there is a new hybrid food that becomes the talk on internet. It is called croiffle, the croissant-waffle hybrid from chocolate manufacturer Godiva, invented by executive chef chocolatier Thierry Muret.

For chocolate fans, you can order one croiffle with milk chocolate filling. But for those who dislike sweets, there are other options. You can order croiffle with smoked chicken, tuna, cheese.

“Drawing on the craftsmanship, innovation and heritage of Godiva, I hope it offers guests a memorable new chocolate experience,” said Muret, as cited from Metro News.


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