Thursday, 14 Nov 2019

Police arrested a couple for killing bank employee


the suspectsthe suspects - Police arrested a couple from North Sumatra, identified as DP and NN, for killing a female employee of Mandiri Syariah Bank named Santi Devi Malau, in Panda Central Tapanuli. According to the police, the couple had fled to Medan after committing the crime, where the police had arrested them without resistance on Tuesday.

The chief of Central Tapanuli Police, Sukamat said that the couple killed Santi because of economic motive. The husband worked as internet cafe attendant and had been fired, while the wife worked as a waitress.  They killed Santi and took her mobile phone and bag, thinking that it contained some money.

Santi, who worked in the customer service of Mandiri Syariah Bank, was found dead in her dormitory in Pandan subdistrict, Pandan district, Central Tapanuli, on Friday. The police found a strangling mark on her neck, scratches on her face and rope marks on her wrists.


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