Thursday, 14 Nov 2019

Mount Rinjani park will separate male and female hikers to support halal tourism


IllustrationIllustration - The Mount Rinjani National Park Agency (TNGR) plans to separate camping areas between male and female hikers to support halal tourism.

“It’s still being discussed; we have yet to implement the rule,” said the head of TNGR, Sudiyono.

As of now, the agency is still discussing this new policy with the public and the stakeholders. They will make sure to have enough space to have two separate camping areas for males and females. However, married couples will be permitted to stay in one tent.

“We just need to divide it by making a strict boundary; the right side for men’s tents, the left one for women,” he said.

According to Sudiyono, the idea came from the people living around Rinjani. They believed that the earthquake that happened last years was caused by disrespectful activities that the hikers did.


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