Thursday, 14 Nov 2019

Jay Chou heavily criticised after uploading photos of him eating with Jackie Chan


Jackie Chan and Jay ChouJackie Chan and Jay Chou - Uploading photos of him eating with Jackie Chan, netizens criticized Jay Chou, a Taiwanese celebrity as pro-China. Many fans are disappointed to the Taiwanese actor. Protests against the bill of extradition law have led Hong Kong residents to hold mass demonstrations. Reportedly, the demonstration that took place last week, on June 9th 2019 is the biggest demonstration in the country since 1997.

The bill itself was protested for regulating extradition to China and it was feared that it would weaken law enforcement in Hong Kong. Millions of residents who packed the streets of Hong Kong demand that Hong Kong leader Carrie Lam to resign. Unfortunately, in the midst of the heat, Jackie Chan admitted that he didn't know what is happening in Hong Kong.

At that time, Jackie Chan was promoting his first pop album titled 'I Am Me' in Taiwan. When asked about the hot conditions in Hong Kong, through a press conference Jackie Chan replied, "I just learned that there was a big protest in Hong Kong yesterday. I didn't know anything about it."

On the same day, Taiwanese actor and singer Jay Chou uploaded a photo with Jackie Chan. Jay Chou even wrote, 'May the old brother get a big sale on his latest album'. From the photos he uploaded, it was clear that Hannah Quinlivan's husband was sipping a tea with Jackie Chan. The upload was bombarded by netizens' protests because Jackie Chan is from China.


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