Thursday, 14 Nov 2019

Minecraft, GTA 5, and Sims 4 are the games often used by cyber criminals to spread malware, a study said


IllustrationIllustration - This data was released by Kaspersky, which reported that cyber criminals took advantage of increased demand of video games (the most popular) by distributing malware through fake copies of games. More than 930,000 users were hit by the attack within 12 months from the beginning of June 2018 to the beginning of June 2019. More than a third of the attacks only centred on three games.

Like other types of digital entertainment, games always get abuse on their copyright infringement and spread through illegal torrents. Now, according to Kaspersky, the abuse is increasing by slipping malware into these games.

In its research, Kaspersky examined files infected with malware during 2018 until the first half of 2019, and the results of the most abused game is Minecraft, which is 30% of the total or more than 310 thousand infected users. In the second position is GTA 5, with more than 112 thousand infected users, and Sims 4 is in the next position with almost 105 thousand users infected with malware.

According to researchers, cybercriminals are also trying to lure users into downloading malicious files disguised as pre-release games. Disguises are seen at least in 10 pre-release games, with 80% detection focused on FIFA 20, Borderlands 3, and Elder Scrolls 6.

"For months we have seen that cyber criminals exploit the entertainment sector to attack users with surprise - whether it's a series of popular TV shows, premieres of top films or popular video games. The explanation is easy, because people can be less alert when they want to relax and have fun" said Maria Fedorova, security researcher at Kaspersky.


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