Saturday, 16 Nov 2019

France issued a new rule that bans women wearing hijab to accompany their kid in school trip


IllustrationIllustration - France is one of the countries in Europe that has strict rules against Muslims. This country is the first to ban the use of veils for Muslim women in public places. In May 2019, France issued more new rules. The French government bans women wearing hijab to accompany their children in school trip or field trip activities.

In the rules, the French government bans the use of religious attributes in general. But, reported from Dailymail, France targets Muslim women who wear hijab. This rule was rejected by a number of parliamentarians because it is considered to hinder religious freedom.

However, the voices of who don’t agree were inferior compared to the members who agreed. Parliamentarians who agreed with the rules are 186 people, and only 100 people who disagreed about the regulation and 159 other people were abstain.

France is not the only country to legalize the ban on hijab. Previously, Austria officially bans the use of hijab in schools. Like France, Austria in general prohibits the use of religious attributes in schools. However, many say this regulation is specificly to target women who wear hijab.


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