Saturday, 16 Nov 2019

Addicted to PUBG, this woman is willing to divorce her husband to live with the man she knows on the game


IllustrationIllustration - A 19-year-old woman in India contacted the Abhayam women's help center. The woman called because she wanted to get a divorce from her husband and live together with her online PUBG friend. Reported by local media The Indian Express, on Sunday, May 19th 2019, the woman was called addicted to the game and said played the game with her friends every day.

Due to that, Abhayam assigned a counseling team to the woman's house and talked to her and her family. The team that was sent found the woman spent hours every day playing PUBG on her cellphone and it has created a barrier between her and her family.

Project head of Abhayam 181 Helpline Narendrasinh Gohil told the Indian Express that the aid center received around 500-550 calls per day, of which around 90 have to be handled by the counselor team with home visits. He said that this is the first call they received about the woman who wanted to divorce her husband due to addiction to PUBG.

The woman herself already has a child with the age less than one year old. She was called to start playing PUBG a few months ago and addicted to it. She was later met a fellow player, also from Ahmedabad, and became very close to him, and that made her want to divorce her husband and live with this man.


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