Saturday, 16 Nov 2019

Weird, three eyed snake is found in Australia


IllustrationIllustration - Officers from the Northern Territory Parks and Wildlife Service, Australia, recently discovered a baby python with unusual characteristic because of having three eyes. The snake photos of course went viral on social media due to its strangeness.

The officer who did the x-rays confirmed that the snake did not have two heads that merged into one. Because the snake is only about 40 centimeters long. "More like there is a skull that has an additional eye hole and three eyes with normal function" wrote the officer on Facebook, as quoted by the BBC, Saturday, on May 4th 2019.

Snake expert Professor Bryan Fry from the University of Queensland calls this possibility due to natural genetic mutations. It could be that the 'third eye' in the snake is a twin that didn’t grow well and was absorbed back into the body.

"I have never seen a three-eyed snake myself. But in our laboratory, there is indeed a sample of two-headed snake. The type of mutation is different from what we normally see in the case of conjoined twins" said Prof. Bryan.

Unfortunately, only a few weeks after the finding of the three-eyed snake with the name Monty Python, the baby snake was found death. According to the information, it has eating troubled due to the abnormal shape of its head.


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