Monday, 24 Feb 2020

Selfies could trigger early aging and wrinkles, a study has proven


IllustrationIllustration - To get satisfying results, it is not uncommon for some people to take pictures of themselves at least 20-30 shots so they can choose one or two perfect photos. Unfortunately, according to experts, often taking selfie can accelerate wrinkles and premature aging and have the same impact on the skin like smoking and sunbathing in the blazing sun.

Nurse and beauty therapist, Sara Cheeney, has revealed that the electromagnetic rays emitted from our cellphones can accelerate aging at an alarming rate. She found a sharp increase in the number of patients suffering from skin damage caused by often took selfies

"I get a lot of patients who work as bloggers and patients who like to take selfies complain about this problem and it seems to get worse. Blue light from the cellphone screen seems to make more damage to the skin than sunlight does" she said quoted from The Sun.

She warned that the skin damage caused by selfies would become increasingly common in the future with the advent of Instagram and Snapchat social media applications. One reason is that women often have problems with sensitive skin. For that, Cheeney recommends you to always use moisturizers and sunscreens so that your face is protected from exposure to light that triggers premature aging and wrinkles.


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