Saturday, 16 Nov 2019

Alfedri expressed his appreciation to Setiono, an environmental activist from Siak Regency


Photo Photo - The Siak Regent, Alfedri expressed his appreciation to Setiono, an environmental activist from Sungai Apit District, Siak Regency. 

At present, Setiono is included in the list of nominees for the recipient of the Kalpataru award for the category of environmental coaches, which was held by the Indonesian Ministry of Environment and Forestry.

"On behalf of the Siak Regency Government, I appreciate the achievements that Setiono has shown. Alhamdulillah, one of our community members is the nominee for the recipient of the Kalpataru award for the environmental development category" he said on Thursday, July 11 2019.

Alfedri also hopes that what has done by Setiono can to motivate and transmit enthusiasm to other people of the Palace State to love and care more about their environment.

Setiono, who is also an entrepreneur, was chosen as the nominee because he was considered active in fighting for environmental sustainability along the coastal areas in his area, Sungai Apit Sub-District.

The figure of Setiono has been struggling with the environment in his place of residence, whose the condition has begun to be damaged by illegal logging. 

He along with his friends, then managed a local tourism conscious group since 2013 and pioneered environmentally prone coastal areas. 

At present, the area has turned into a conservation and education area for students and environmentalists

After receiving the award, Setiono admitted that he was grateful to be nominated for the Kalpataru 2019. Previously, Setiono had also received an award from KLH as an activist for the Fire Care Society, through the Ecotourism of the Alam Bakau House he founded.

Regarding this award, he is determined continue to foster and encourage the community to care for the environment and encourage forest groups and peasants to be more advanced, thus impacting on improving the economy and not continuing to become laborers of the company.

"I also want to foster a group and young people who love the environment, so that there is a reliable next generation to make Siak in particular and Riau in general a Green Regency and a clean and beautiful and comfortable environment, with the expectations of stakeholders such as government, private sector , companies, and NGOs, "he said.

Setiono was chosen as the nominee for the 2019 Kalpataru Award, after a selection was made by the Ministry of Environment and Forestry which had received 144 proposal documents for prospective award recipients.

This year, the Kalpataru Award Advisory Board has determined 20 nominees for the Kalpataru Award consisting of 6 nominees in the Environmental Category, 5 nominees for the Environmental Service Category, 6 nominees for the Environmental Rescue Category, 3 nominees for the Environmental Trustees category.






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