Sunday, 20 Oct 2019

Chinese anti-corruption activist is arrested by police for 'promoting terrorism'


IllustrationIllustration - One Chinese anti-corruption activist is arrested on charges of "promoting terrorism".

The 60-year-old man named Zhang Baochen was once had been sentenced to 2 years in prison in 2014 for "disturbing public order" after his action which brought a banner containing the letter asked officials to reveal their assets to the public as proof they were clean of corruption in a crowded shopping area in Beijing.

After being released from prison, Zhang continued to be a vocal critic against the governemtn even though his group continued to be pressured and at least 20 of his members had beed detained.

On July 4, Zhang was again arrested by Beijing police on suspicion of "triggering a fight, promoting terrorism, extremism and inciting terrorism", according to an arrest warrant told by his wife, Liu Juefan.

"After his release from prison ... he never stopped fighting, so now they are using these terrorism and extremism allegations to get him in the prison with heavy sentences" Liu said in a telephone conversation from New York, the United States as reported by the AFP news agency on Wednesday July 10, 2019.

For Chinese people, they are rarely accused of acts of terrorism. Therefore, Mr. Zhang's wife was worried that her husband would get a heavy prison sentence on the charges.

"Since his arrest, I have been unable to contact him, but his lawyer has met him," Liu said, adding that her husband is being "set-up".


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