Saturday, 16 Nov 2019

A ship was left abandoned on the waters of Penyagun, Rangsang, Meranti regency


IllustrationIllustration - One unit of Inka Mina 72 was left abandoned, floating on the waters of Penyagun Village, Rangsang District, Meranti Regency, Riau. The fishing boat was an aid ship from the Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries (KKP).

The ship has been abandoned for 2 years and the owner was still unknown. According to the Headman of Penyagun Village, Muhammad Nur, the ship was owned by a group of fishermen in Meranti Regency.

“The ship belonged to a group of fishermen, but I don’t know which group. It has been abandoned for 2 years at the coast of Penyagun Village,” Muhammad Nur said.

Muhammad Nur said that according to the villagers, the ship was brought to Penyagun by one of the villagers named Azmi. But Azmi rarely goes back to the village. The villagers are anxious about the ship’s presence because it is still not clear who the owner is.


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