Saturday, 16 Nov 2019

A mental breakdown man in Pekanbaru went viral after climbing on top of a car and dancing naked


IllustrationIllustration - A video of a naked man dancing on top of a car at General Sudirman Street of Pekanbaru was spread on the internet. The video went viral and became a hot topic conversation among netizens.

In the video, the naked man climbed on top of someone’s car and started dancing. But strangely, the driver did not seem to be disturbed by it. The car kept speeding like nothing happened.

After investigation, it turned out that the driver had been so scared by what happened that she continued to drive the car. The naked man who climbed onto the car was revealed to have mental disorder.

It was explained by the Head of Traffic Unit of Pekanbaru Police Department, Police Adjunct Commissioner Emil Eka Putra. According to Emil, the driver of the car, Meta Clarisa, had tried to ask for help from other drivers but no one wanted to help her.

“At that time, Meta was driving in front of the Office of Regional House of Representatives, and suddenly, a man whom we assumed had mental disorder, climbed onto the top of her car,” Emil said.

After getting no help from anyone, Meta then called her husband for help. She then stopped at the gas station at General Sudirman Street, where her husband had been waiting for her.


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