Friday, 13 Dec 2019

Soldiers from national army helped in farming and cleaning the road of the villages in Riau


IllustrationIllustration - Military District Command (Kodim) 0313 Kampar were holding the event called “TNI Manunggal Membangun Desa” (TMMD) which means “Indonesian National Army (TNI) united to develop the villages. In this event, the soldiers were seen farming and cleaning the road of the villages.

TMMD was held on Sunday, July 14th. The soldiers of the National Army, together with the villagers of Betung Village, Pangkalan Kuras District, Pelalawan Regency, came down to the farms in the morning. Together with civilians, the soldiers started to farm.

“We do this during TMMD program together with civilians. This activity lasted from morning to noon,” said the Village Commissioner of Military Rayon Command (Koramil) 04, Pangkalan Kuras, Sertu Idrus.

Other than farming, the soldiers also went to clean the road. This activity was done in Bagan Limay Village, Ukui District, Pelalawan Regency. It was still part of TMMD program.

“Joint activity with civilians can increase the spirit of cooperation that has diminished,” said the Village Commissioner of Bagan Limau Village, Serma Burhanudin.


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