Friday, 13 Dec 2019

The officers of TMMD and civilians work together to build connecting bridge in Kampar


IllustrationIllustration - The officers of TMMD (National Army Integrated Village Development), together with the civilians from Balung Village, were building a connecting bridge toward the V, Sei Asam. The bridge is built to make the material distribution for the road construction in Balung Village easier.

There will be 6 connecting bridges that are built. There were 3 bridged that had already been finished.

Some of the villagers, including the Village Head of Balung M. Ujud, joined the activity. They really appreciated the 105th TMMD program for their village.

“I, in the name of the villagers of Balung, appreciate the performance of the soldiers from Indonesian National Army. We will always give our full support for any activities done by the officers, including for this TMMD program,” he said.


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