Saturday, 07 Dec 2019

The story of Maxim Dadashev, a Russian boxer who died after got suffered in a fight


Maxim DadashevMaxim Dadashev -  Maxim Dadashev, the Russian boxer died at the age of 28, after injuries that suffered in a fight against Subriel Matias.

Dadashev was visibly struggling during his IBF light-welterweight bout with Matias on Friday and could not walk to the dressing room after the fight was stopped by trainer Buddy McGirt before the final round. 

Then, he was taken to hospital with bleeding on the brain and failed to recover from his injuries despite undergoing emergency surgery over the weekend. 

Today, Eddie Hearn and Frank Warren have led tributes to him. They said in a statement, "We lost Maxim Dadashev. He was our young prospect. We will fully support his family, including financially. We will complete the investigation into the circumstances surrounding this fight, we need to know the truth about what happened."

As information, Dadashev had a 13-0 unbeaten record.






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