Saturday, 07 Dec 2019

Uneven rain, Forest Fires at Penarikan Langgam is still burning


Ilustration of Karhutla PelalawanIlustration of Karhutla Pelalawan -PELALAWAN- Evening to nigth rain at Pelalawan turned to be uneven. Therefore the former hotspot at Penarikan village Langgam district, is still burning till today, Tuesday (24th/7/2019).

"Rain is known only fell down in Pangkalan Kerinci, Bandar Seikijang, and a half of Pangkalan Kuras. " Hadi Penandio, the Chief of Pelalawan Disaster Management Agency said to, Tuesday (24th/7/2019).

Meanwhile, in Pelalawan the hotspots are in Penarikan village Langgam district. That's why the fire is still on until now.

Forest fires team of Pelalawan, is still fighting the fire on that location.

While since this morning, Pangkalan Kerinci is covered by smog. The smell starts to smell by the people around. Luckily the smog starts to disappear.***



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