Sunday, 23 Feb 2020

Serial the Boys, a story about the bad side of having superpowers


The BoysThe Boys -  The Boys is a new American television web series about people with superpowers. However, unlike uplifting superhero films like Superman, Justice League, Iron Man or Avengers films, this film is a dark comedy that tells us the bad side of having superpowers.

The Boys is based on a graphic novel. The series is adapted by Eric Kripke.

This story is about a world where the superheroes become corrupt and embrace the darker side of their fame and power and exploit them. They make an organization while maintaining a good image, but behind it is utter cruelty. Then, a group of vigilante calling themselves “The Boys” is formed in order to take down those corrupt superheroes.

The series is about action, mystery, drama, and black comedy. It requires you to think and reconsider anything, and is as dark as it is described.






Can be read in English and 100 other International languages

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