Saturday, 16 Nov 2019

PSPS Riau Victory Trend Continues In Cage PSGC Ciamis


Riau PSPS failed to continue the trend of stable psgc ciamis victory after a 3-1 defeat.Riau PSPS failed to continue the trend of stable psgc ciamis victory after a 3-1 defeat. - Riau PSPS must recognize the superiority of the PSGC Ciamis with a score of 3-1, in the continuation of League 2 2019 West Region, Sunday, July 28 2019 afternoon.

Two teams who are both in the bottom of League 2, playing against each other and open.

Even the appearance of PSGC Ciamis at home turned out to be quite difficult for PSPS Riau, proven in the first half the hosts managed to lead 2-0.

The first PSGC Ciamis goal occurred in the 28th minute through a penalty kick, then the second goal in the 43rd minute which started from an error made by PSPS Riau goalkeeper Ismail Hanafi.

In the second half, Coach King Faisal's care team began to increase the tempo of the attack. However, the home team did not want to stay silent and try to counterattack.

Until in the 74th minute, the ball rebounded from the free kick of the captain Redo Rinaldi executed nicely by Fachri Alyani, one goal for PSPS Riau.

Unfortunately, at the end of the fight, PSGC Ciamis reinforced his victory, after confronting the PSPS Riau counterattack in the 90th minute.

The 3-1 score ended the PSGC Ciamis game hosting PSPS Riau at Galuh Ciamis Stadium. But, the victory has not been able to shift its position at number 12.


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