Saturday, 17 Nov 2018

Travelling with the dolls being new trends on travelling


Travelling with the dolls being new trends on travellingTravelling with the dolls being new trends on travelling -  Not just the world of fashion that changing trends.

Traveling now has many trends. One of them is a joint holiday doll.

The doll is always synonymous with girls home toys. But apparently, it does not apply in the world of traveling.

Collected from various sources, a traveler who love Japanese cartoon named Danny Choo makes a doll becomes friends on his journey.

Danny Choo is a designer who has a doll business in Japan that is the Culture of Japan. This talent is passed on from his father, Jimmy Choo.

Danny often post his holiday and traveling photos.

But he is not alone, he is always take pictures along the pretty doll. For example, while Danny holidays in Belgium. Danny looks fun photographing dolls on the Atomium.

The beautiful doll also dressed like a woman who wants to take a vacation. As if the dolls that actually traveling.

But not only is Danny, not a few other traveler also buy his dolls and follows the trend. Danny also post photos of others photographed with a doll of his creation.

In Indonesia itself, there have been many a traveler who follows this trend. They will bring their favorite dolls and photographed the doll as if it were in a holiday.



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