Sunday, 08 Dec 2019

Korean women not allow her husband to eat chicken wings to avoid an affair


IllustrationIllustration - Not only in Indonesia, in South Korea there are also some myths related about food. One of them about chicken wings. In Korea, if you eat chicken wings, your husband will have any relationship with other woman. Just like in Indonesia, there are some various tips from parents to avoid things without rational reasons that still applying in Korea. 

 But of course the myth is different from in Indonesia. The myth that developed in Korea was that a wife should not letting her husband eat chicken wings, for fear of cheating.

It turns out that this myth has existed since 500 years ago, so the ancestors never let their husbands eat chicken wings.

Koreans are very fond of eating fried chicken or chicken cooked with other seasonings.

But apparently it would be cooked in any way, they still believe that chicken wings should only be eaten by a woman or a wife.

One source said that in Korean culture, a wife should not feed chicken wings to her husband, for fear that he would deceive his wife, aka cheating.






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