Saturday, 07 Dec 2019

Inhil Contingent Goes to Final Round of International Dragon Boat Festival in West Sumatera


( Inhil Contingent, Riau goes to Final)( Inhil Contingent, Riau goes to Final) -Contingent of Indragiri Hilir could go to the Final round of the International Dragon Boat Festival held in Sport Hall H. Agus Saklm, Padang, Weat Sumatera.

It was revealed by Manager team of Inhil Contingent, Akbar Alfa ST MT to the media, Saturday 3 August 2019. 

"Alhamdulillah, Inhil contingent goes to Final of category 22 mix with the distance 800 meters. Akbar Alfa said. 

A man which is usually called Akbar said that, this International Dragon Boat Festival held since 1st to 4th August 2019 and followed by 6 countries, they are Indonesia, Singapore, Qatar, Malaysia, England, and Philipine with totally 18 teams.

He added, from Indonesia it's followed by Riau, Jambi, and the host West Sumatera,

"The participants from Riau is followed by Indragiri Hilir, Kampar, Pekanbaru," mentioned by the lecturer of UNSI Tembilahan and said that the final will be done tomorrow.

And he siad that Pekanbaru goest to final round category 12 mix. 

Akbar also hopes Inhil will win the competition to fight the Padang Mayor's Trophy," We will do our best and we need support and pray from Inhil people," he said. 


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