Saturday, 07 Dec 2019

Datuk Setia Amanah Fully Support Musda LAMR Inhil


( The meeting to prepare Musda LAMR)( The meeting to prepare Musda LAMR) -TEMBILAHAN- Datuk Setia Amanah, Drs HM Wardan fully supports the deliberation of Musda (Regional Meeting) of Malay Traditional Institutions (LAMR) Indragiri Hilir. Through the event, Datuk Setia  Amanah hoped the new leader of LAMR will be seen. 

PLT of LAMR Inhil Datuk H. Said Syarifuddin in the agenda of meet and greet on Saturday 3rd August 2019, also reported that Musda will be held in the end of August 2019 or no later than the beginning of September.

On this agreement, Datuk Setia Amanah suggested to prepare all the things needed.

"Quick action should be done in preparing the Musda, complete the documents needed, choose the responsible committe," sugested by Datuk Setia Amanah, who is also the Regent of Inhil.

While the PLT of Chief of LAMR Inhil Datuk H Said Syarifuddin in the meeting mentioned that there are three tasks he should do since chosen as PLT of LAMR. Doing consilidation with the committee of LAMR Inhil in the subdistricts, fix the management, and choose the committe of Musda.***


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