Sunday, 08 Dec 2019

Dandim 0314 Inhil: Karlahut Destroys Ecosystems and Children


Socialization Karlahut by Kodim 0314 Inhil on societySocialization Karlahut by Kodim 0314 Inhil on society - Dandim 0314 / Inhil, Lt. Col. Inf Andrian Siregar who is also the Commander of Subsatgas 08 asked the people of Inhil Regency not to burn land and forests for any reason.

This is due to the rampant occurrence of karlahut in the dry season in Riau Province and Inhil Regency in particular. "I urge the Inhil people not to burn land, because it is very dangerous," Andrian said, Tuesday, August 5, 2019.

The Dandim 0314 Inhil also mentioned, karlahut caused damage to the environment, because not only was the destruction of the ecosystem, but the smoke haze that caused it also became a monster that destroys life including children as the next generation.

"All Kodim 0314 / Inhil personnel continue to carry out patrols, also collect data and give an appeal not to take actions that can trigger forest and land fires," he said.

Lieutenant Colonel Andrian Siregar, his party continued to invite and appeal to all components of the community, even more so in the Inhil Regency region to continue to maintain conduciveness. "We just join the community patrolling in order to reduce the risk of karlut," he said.

Dandim continued, his party also invited the community to jointly preserve the forest and the environment from damage caused by ignorant human hands.

"Let us join hands and remind one another for the benefit of mankind and sentient beings in general," he concluded.


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