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Riding Heli, Alfedri Monitor Forest Fires and Land in Rawang Air Putih and Tasik Betung Siak


Alfedri monitored karhutla by using a helicopter / lin)Alfedri monitored karhutla by using a helicopter / lin) -

SIAK - After releasing the Takbir parade of Eid al-Adha, Siak Regent Alfedri told a number of media crews that he sat on Saturday with the Siak Police Chief, Danramil, and the Head of Siak BPBD, monitoring a number of hotspots riding helicopters in the Rawang Air Putih and Tasik Betung areas.

Alfedri said, most spots were located in Rawang Air Putih and Tasik Betung parts of the Bengkalis region. It's been 10 days of water bombing in the area and on Saturday morning assisted by members of BPBD Siak, Manggala Agni and the company.

Likewise for the Rawang Air Putih area, a blackout was carried out by BPDD officers, the TNI / Polri, Manggala Agni, the Fire Concern Community and the assistance of two helicopters for water bombs from the Sinar Mas Group company.

"Of course we hope that the location of the hotspot can be overcome," he said.

Then he expressed his appreciation for the support from the company which was intense in anticipating kerhutla. Proven with the help of Water Bombs through the air, using 2 units of Heli Super Puma from PT. RML App. With the involvement of dozens of ground marshall fire teams the company along with pumping machine tools.

"On behalf of the local government, we appreciate the assistance from the Company, we still hope that this kind of support will be maintained and sustainable," he said.

Furthermore, the former Minas sub-district head said that if there was a thick fog during the Eid al-Adha prayer, people were advised to wear masks. Then on Monday the employees and honorary together with the community will perform Istisqo Prayers or pray for rain.

"We urge the public not to burn their land. If it is done, there will be severe sanctions that will ensnare the incinerator of land and forest burners," explained Alfedri.

In addition, he continued, the Education and Culture Office has sent letters to schools if the smoke haze thickens, school children can be closed, provided they have coordinated with the Education Office.

Some areas have been overcome and efforts to continue cooling are carried out, such as in the villages of Merempan, Paluh, Dosan, and in the District of Dayun. Including the hotspots that had just appeared in Benteng Hilir,

Not to forget, he also expressed his appreciation to all parties, including the ranks of the TNI / Polri who have played an active role in handling the forest and land fire intensely. He hopes to continue the prevention efforts and sustainable actions, so that fires do not spread and can be totally extinguished. ***


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