Saturday, 07 Dec 2019

Regent Alfedri: Today, We Pray for Rain


Siak Regent H Alfedri when leading the rally together Monday / lin)Siak Regent H Alfedri when leading the rally together Monday / lin) -

SIAK - Regent of Siak Alfedri led a rally together in the Tugu field in front of the Sri Indrapura Siak Palace, Monday (12/08/2019). The rally was attended by all OPD leaders, ASN and honorary leaders in the Siak regency.

Siak Regent Alfedri in his direction said that a number of agendas would be carried out. This Monday rally was deliberately held at the Tugu Istana field, because today after the rally, the Istisqa Prayer will be held or the prayer asking for rain.

"Considering the smog we are feeling is getting thicker now, the cause is forest and land fires due to the long dry season. As humans who believe that every disaster and grace comes from God, we today together pray and pray for rain, hopefully our intention is granted by Allah aamiin, "said Alfedri.

He continued, efforts to extinguish forest and land fires, as much as possible carried out by involving, all components, the police, military, military, community concerned about fire, Manggala Agni and the company, both by air and by land fire fighting efforts.

"We have worked optimally to extinguish this fire, with the hope that the fog will not get thicker, and the rain will fall. "he said.

Still Alfedri said, the Governor also appealed that if the smog grew thicker, school children could be closed with the notes that schools were required to report on their respective educational services.

The Istisqa prayer was attended by community leaders, religious leaders, students, military, police and hundreds of ASNs and honors in the Siak regency. ***


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