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Commission II of Siak DPRD Asks Regent Alfedri Revoke PT DSI Permit


Siak DPRD Commission II member Ariadi TariganSiak DPRD Commission II member Ariadi Tarigan - Siak DPRD Commission II member Ariadi Tarigan requested that Siak Regent Alfedri revoke the permission of PT Duta Swakarya Indah (DSI). The reason, besides the Minister of Forestry's Decree number 17 / Kpts.II / 1998 concerning the Release of Forest Areas that were used to process permits, has died automatically, until now PT DSI's HGU also does not exist.

"The area of ??the permit is also no longer in accordance with Permentan Number 57 of 2007. The area is also not in accordance with the designation set by the previous Regent of Siak, Arwin AS. And the company's permit must be revoked immediately." said the Hanura politician, Monday, August 12, 2019.

Previously, Jimmy, who was a landowner in Dayun, Siak district, had reported the Director of PT DSI Suratno and Ex-Kadishutbun Siak Teten Effendi to the Riau Regional Police because there was a claim by the Forestry Minister for permission on his land. In 2009 PT DSI came to the location of his plantation which is being managed by PT Karya Dayun to become an oil palm plantation.

"At that time the management had been going on for about 5 years so that the palm trees were 3-4 years old or had fruit with sand," Jimmy said.

PT DSI claimed and claimed the community-owned plantation land managed by PT Karya Dayun as its own. PT DSI shows the Forest Area Release Permit (IPKH) Number 17 / Kpts-II / 1998 dated January 6, 1998.
"During this time I opened a plantation managed by PT Karya Dayun, never knowing of any other ownership besides me and my friends legally buying the land," he said.

He was suspicious of PT DSI's claim, so he examined the basis of recognition from PT DSI, namely IPKH Number 17 / Kpts-II / 1998 dated January 6, 1998. After observing the release permit, it turned out that the determination was in the Ninth Dictum.

"If PT DSI does not utilize the forest area in accordance with the provisions contained in the first dictum and or misuses its use and or does not complete the HGU arrangement within 1 year of the issuance of the decree, the release of this forest area will automatically cancel," explained the bespectacled man.

In accordance with the basis of the claim, it turns out that PT DSI has not utilized the forest area according to the permit and did not complete the HGU until the deadline, which is 1 year since the release of the Decree on January 1, 1998. "Therefore I reject the recognition or claim from PT DSI," he said.
As a result of the rejection, PT DSI made a legal action against a civil lawsuit against Siak District Court by suing PT Karya Dayun even though PT DSI knew the original owner of the land being sued was not PT Karya Dayun. That is according to what is registered in the Registrar's Office of PN Siak number 07 / PDT.G / 2012 / PN.Siak dated December 26, 2012.

But at the Siak PN level, PT DSI won the case. At the MA level, PT DSI's lawsuit was declared unacceptable. Finally PT DSI made a PK effort for various reasons.

"They conveyed the reason, in the cassation process it was as if there was a file that had not been sent by the Siak PN personnels so that they wrote letters everywhere, including to KY," he said.

After the PK decision was found the files which were stated not to have been sent were currently at the PH of PT DSI. Other reasons are also not acceptable so it is suggested to file an engineered novum.

"Against this background, I made a report to the Riau Regional Police to investigate and investigate the allegations of using incorrect letters," he said.

The use of the incorrect letter is IPKH Number 17 / Kpts-II / 1998 dated January 6, 1998, which has died by itself. The letter was also used to issue other licenses, such as Inlok based on Decree of the Siak Regent No. 284 / HK / KPTS / 2006 dated December 8, 2006 and IUP by the Siak Regent No. 57 / HK / KPTS / 2009 dated January 22, 2009, for then win the case.


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